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REFINE’s Underlayment Teams install floor leveling underlayments that ensure a smooth, flat, and level subfloor that is essential for a successful floor covering installation. Rapid setting and quick-drying properties ensure the floor can be walked on in as little as 1-hour, allowing for overnight and even same-day turnarounds.

Despite their undercover status, underlayments require the same care in installation as a self-leveling overlay, which REFINE also performs. You can count on quality and care with REFINE’s self-leveling underlayment team for smaller commercial projects to larger, multi-floor facilities such as schools, hotels, medical facilities, or multi-tenant office buildings.

As with all REFINE’s concrete services, we offer a comprehensive, collaborative, and consultative approach to helping you plan your project scope. Where specifications are not defined, or there exists uncertainty with types, brands, or methods, REFINE has deep knowledge, expertise and experience to help bring certainty to the project scope.

Depending on project size, level of complication, and logistical challenges, REFINE can deploy a range of its underlayment equipment from our CS Unitec MEGA HIPPO Mixing Stations to GRACO Mixing Pumps. Our approach is to utilize the best possible mix of team members and equipment to ensure timely and successful project completion.

REFINE is an ARDEX trained and certified installer.

Call, text or email REFINE to discuss your project: 281-882-3098 | info@refineconcrete.com

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