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About Us

As a provider of concrete surface preparation, polished concrete, underlays, stamped concrete, epoxy (resinous) flooring, concrete placement and a whole range of other concrete services we are passionate about delivering a high quality result that will become a compelling feature of any office, commercial building or industrial facility.

With a primary goal and proven track record of consistently delivering high quality concrete services, REFINE works with architects, designers, general contractors, builders, facility managers and property owners to deliver spectacular looking and performing surfaces.  


Refine Concrete Services sees the need for a company that is 100% driven by quality, with a strong focus on superior craftsmanship and an unrivaled client experience.


Refine’s strategy for client, company and industry success has four key elements:

  1. Obsessed with customers, not competitors. We seek to provide you, our client, with the best possible Customer Experience
  1. Maximize the full value of Refine’s technologically advanced equipment and high quality materials to deliver a superior service to our clients
  1. Relentless pursuit of quality project completion by remaining committed to safety, continuous training, craftsmen certification and client/employee education
  1. Collaboration with clients, manufacturers, suppliers and industry peers will contribute to industry excellence and integrity