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Cementitious Urethane

Industrial and commercial facilities require floors that are easy to maintain/clean and tough enough to withstand harsh operating conditions. Besides keeping the facility running efficiently, the right type of floor system can ensure compliance with industry-specific health and safety regulations. Because these two aspects are vital to business success, REFINE recommends cementitious urethane floors for these challenging environments.

Because cementitious urethane floors are highly durable, slip-resistant, high moisture tolerant, low maintenance and exhibit excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance, they’ve become a popular choice among the owners and managers of industrial facilities, food and beverage locations, pharmaceutical, and healthcare environments.

What Is Cementitious Urethane?

Also known as urethane concrete or urethane mortar, cementitious urethane is a coating system composed of Portland cement, water, aggregate, and other additives that together provide the following:

  • Promote the adhesion of the urethane floor to the substrate. Cementitious urethane floors can be directly installed over green concrete (concrete that hasn’t fully cured), or in cold and humid environments, without worrying about residual moisture. There may be scenarios where REFINE may specify a urethane-based primer, depending on the environment, overall floor system selected, and daily activities taking place on the floor.
  • Create an impervious surface excellent at withstanding a wide range of substances, including inorganic and organic alkalis, solvents, and acids and other food-based products and chemicals.
  • Cementitious urethane floors can withstand temperature fluctuations that range from -330°F to +240°F.
  • They can be installed in varying thicknesses, which range from 1/4 to 3/8 inch, depending on the requirements of each project.
  • There are different customizable slip-resistance options, which make these floors highly versatile.
  • Cementitious urethane floors are zero VOC and ensure a fast-curing, low-odor installation.
  • They can also be utilized to repair and resurface old concrete flooring.

REFINE’s Cementitous Urethane floor systems deliver a highly durable floor, a safer work environment, increased productivity, and significant cost savings in the long term.

Deciding between cementitious urethane and epoxy flooring when a specification has not been established can be difficult. As with all of REFINE’s concrete services, our industry-recognized, on-staff experts will help you decide the best solution for you and your environment.

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